Tools & Automation

GTA’s IMPACT platform is a suite of tools that improves efficiency and reduces Op Ex. IMPACT: iOptimize is a module that incorporates multiple sources of user and field measurement data to visualize, optimize and automate your network. IMPACT: iDeploy is a cloud based module to accelerate infrastructure deployment and management of field resources using smart phone devices.

IMPACT: iOptimize

IMPACT: iOptimize is an innovative cloud-based tool which unifies multiple streams of network performance data for network optimization. IMPACT: iOptimize empowers network operators with a clear and comprehensive view of network performance, data visualization, and efficiency gains through powerful and intelligent automation.

  • Support for multiple data sources for network performance analysis
  • Increases productivity and reduces Op Ex through intelligent automation
  • Provides real-time visualizaiton of end-to-end network performance

Multiple Data Sources

IMPACT: iOptimize imports and correlates network performance data from a range of sources, and across multiple OEM vendors. In this manner a complete and comprehensive view of network performance can be created. Clear and accurate insight into both customer and network performance serves as a basis for intelligent automated optimization.

  • PM counters from OSS
  • Core network traces
  • Drive test log files

Comprehensive Visualization

IMPACT: iOptimize passively processes and correlates performance data to provide MNO’s and Enterprises a holistic real-world view of their netowrk performance. IMPACT: iOptimize ’s cloud processing capabilities combine multiple data sources and tools to save engineers 30% of man-hours compared to traditional methods.

  • Automated correlation of drive test data with PM counters and KPIs
  • Map-based views of processed data, charts and historic trends
  • Configurable dashboard views pushed to stakeholders automatically

Intelligent Optimization Automation

IMPACT: iOptimize empowers customers with the freedom to explore their network performance data without limiting them to pre-defined questions, wizards, or chart types. IMPACT: iOptimize’s portfolio of intelligent automation enables engineers to take corrective action much sooner than with traditional optimization methods.

  • Automated analysis and reporting
  • Daily network audit feature
  • Auto configuration (OSS scripting) for multiple vendors

IMPACT: iDeploy

IMPACT: iDeploy includes an end-to-end cloud based platform to help accelerate infrastructure deployment and operations. The IMPACT: iDeploy tool tracks all deployment activities from site identification to site acceptance. The platform utilizes state of the art smart phone based technology to track complex projects which require real-time collaboration across multiple stakeholders. IMPACT: iDeploy has the ability to live view field resource locations and dynamically allocate work orders resulting in significant OpEx savings.

  • Live end-to-end Project Management functionality
  • Support for Mobile Workflows on multiple device types
  • Asset Management tracking and Preventative Maintenance capabilities
  • Robust, cloud based automated Reporting & Analytics